St. Louis Residents Give a Thumbs Up to Clothing Recycling


USAgain clothing collection bins continue to serve as a convenient recycling option

ST. LOUIS, MO (Jan. 20, 2015) – Five million pounds of clothing and shoes were diverted from landfills thanks to St. Louis-area residents. That’s 1,236 garbage trucks diverted from going to landfills!

The national textile recycler provides an outlet to give surplus clothing a second life through a network of thousands of recycling bins located nationwide. By diverting 5,411,086 pounds of textiles, USAgain and its patrons prevented 38 million pounds of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere, saved more than 7 billion gallons of water, and 30,920 cubic yards of landfill space.

USAgain recycling programs are hosted in partnership with municipalities, local businesses, event based community drives and fundraisers for schools and non-profits.

“We want to commend St. Louis area residents for their commitment to sustainability. These collections continue to keep clothing out of our landfills having a positive impact on our environment,” said USAgain CEO Mattias Wallander. “Textile recycling programs are getting attention from municipalities with a goal to improve their overall waste diversion rates and we are working diligently to assist with their goal”.

Recent data from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency shows 5.7 percent of the municipal solid waste (MSW) is textiles. A staggering 12 million tons of clothing and shoes end up in the garbage and make their way to the landfills every year.

“We are making progress but our mission is to further reduce the amount of clothing that ends up in the landfills through education and outreach events in addition to our clothing recycling bins,” Wallander said. “Every bit counts and our goal is to gain more partnerships and increase the textile recycling rate to 75 percent.”

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About USAgain

USAgain – a leader in the textile recycling industry since 1999, USAgain is a for-profit company that recycles and reuses clothing, shoes and other textiles. Its mission is to provide consumers with a convenient and eco-friendly option to rid themselves of excess clothing, which is diverted from landfills. USAgain maintains more than 12,500 collection bins in 19 states. For more information,

USAgain Spearheads Third Annual National Coat Drive with Boys & Girls Clubs


Clothing recycler will donate coats collected to local children-in-need during Holiday season

Nov. 1, 2014 – USAgain, the textile recycling company specializing in providing consumers with a convenient and eco-friendly option to rid themselves of excess clothing, announces its third annual national coat drive that provides local Boys & Girls Clubs with donated winter clothing during the holiday season. Items may be deposited into USAgain bins throughout the month of November.

USAgain will collect warm clothes, including coats, hats, gloves and mittens to make a donation to local Boys & Girls Club organizations during the second week of December. Clothing assembled at each USAgain collection site will be directed to a local Boys & Girls Club, which will then donate the clothing to a family in need. The clothing drive provides a convenient, accessible way for people to donate locally during the season of giving.

“Our organization is proud and honored to partner with local Boys & Girls Clubs for a third year, donating winter coats to families in need” said Mattias Wallander, CEO of USAgain. “We encourage people to use our clothing bins to donate their surplus winter items to a family who truly needs them.”

Donated coats may be slightly worn but still in good enough condition to be worn again. The campaign is running nationally in 10 cities where USAgain divisions are located: Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, New York, Pennsylvania, St. Louis, San Francisco and Seattle.

To find a USAgain recycling bin to drop off winter clothing, simply visit and enter your city or ZIP code. All styles and sizes are accepted and should be placed in a bag before being placed in the bin. Details here!

Coat Drive to support Kurt Warner First Things First Foundation and Operation Food Search


USAgain, a local textile recycling company will collect winter coats for the next two weeks to support Warner foundation

ST. LOUIS (October 31, 2014) – The St. Louis division of clothing recycler USAgain is collecting winter coats for two weeks to support the Warners’ Warm-up Coat Drive in partnership with the Kurt Warner First Things First Foundation and Operation Food Search.

From Nov. 1 to Nov. 14, USAgain will accept new and gently-used winter coats of all shapes and sizes at its 400 recycling bin locations around the city. At the end of the drive, USAgain will deliver the coats to the St. Louis-based offices of Operation Food Search which will distribute the coats to homeless shelters, schools, and other social service agencies throughout the St. Louis and Metro East region in time for the cold winter months.

“Each year the demand for coats in the St. Louis area exceeds the supply collected through our annual coat drive. As the Warners’ Warm-up Coat Drive enters its fourteenth year, we are excited to receive support from USAgain to assist us in collecting more coats than ever before and keeping more bodies warm this winter,” said Jen Zink, Director of Programs for the Kurt Warner First Things First Foundation.

This is the second year USAgain has partnered with the foundation. In addition to the drive, USAgain collected coats, other articles of clothing and shoes throughout the year.

“We’re tremendously excited to partner with such a great organization,” said Tom Jacquin, Division Manager of USAgain. “The Foundation will ensure that these coats are given to people in the St. Louis Metropolitan Area who need them, and we’ll be continuing our mission of diverting clothing from landfills.”

Around St. Louis, USAgain has partnered with charity organizations including Habitat for Humanity, the Dignity House, Boys and Girls Club, and the St. Patrick Center. USAgain looks forward to future community outreach events in St. Louis.

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Get Ready for the America Recycles Day Challenge 2014!




Since 1997, communities across the country have come together on November 15 to celebrate America Recycles Day. Join USAgain in raising environmental awareness beyond November 15 while diverting textile waste from landfills.

  1. What is the America Recycles Day challenge?
    Throughout the month of November 2014, all participating schools will compete to collect the most textiles for recycling. The top five collecting schools will win cash prizes and all schools will raise funds for every pound collected. By hosting a USAgain collection bin on your property, your school is offering students, faculty and the local community an eco-friendly and convenient way to recycle clothes and shoes while your school earns cash per pound of textiles collected.
  2. What can my school win?
    The top five collecting schools will win $1,000, $750, $500, $250, and $100, respectively. All participating schools will raise funds per pound collected.
  3. Will my school have to sell anything in order to raise funds in this program?
    No. USAgain textile recycling fundraisers and contests don’t require any work from your school, parents or students.
  4. Does my school need to sign-up or register?
    Yes. But if your school is already hosting a USAgain bin, you are automatically registered for our school contests. For schools not already hosting a USAgain bin, please sign-up to have a USAgain bin placed on your property.
    The deadline for America Recycles Day registration is October 30, 2014.
  5. How can we promote our USAgain collection bin during the America Recycles Day challenge?
    Downloadable promotional materials, including posters, handouts and flyers designed to help you spread the word in your community, are available here.
  6. How can I see my school’s ranking or collection totals?
    Track your school’s collection results in real-time at
  7. When is the America Recycles Day challenge?
    Mark your calendars! The America Recycles Day challenge is November 1-30, 2014.
  8. Why is textile recycling so important?
    The U.S. EPA estimates that 12 million tons of textiles end up in the landfills every year. If collected, these trashed textiles are in a condition to be reused as secondhand clothing or repurposed for use as industrial wiping rags, insulation or furniture stuffing, among other uses. Learn more on our For Planet page.




Models show off second-hand designs at 85th Annual Fashion Design Show

Models strutted their stuff at the 85th Annual Fashion Design Show but with a spin on the outfits – repurposed fabrics distributed from USAgain.

On Sun., May 4, at Washington University in St. Louis, Mo., Madeleine Docherty used her experience in Guatemala as inspiration for the recent fashion show in 560 Music Center Ballroom Theater at 560 Trinity Avenue in the Delmar Loop.

Docherty, who interned at Mercado Global for two months, studied textiles and socially responsible fashion as the recipient of a grant from WUSTL’s Office of Undergraduate Research.

During her time at Mercado Global, she also completed an apprenticeship with a local weaver in San Juan La Laguna, learning the basics of traditional Guatemalan weaving.

“I discovered that many Guatemalan women, despite the opportunity to join more global mainstream society, continue to keep their culture’s traditions, such as weaving,” said Docherty. “They are persistent in maintaining what they believe in despite the odds. Thus, they inspired me to stick to what I have come to believe in: sustainable fashion. Additionally, I was compelled to celebrate the persistence of these women by including elements of their traditional designs into my own modern design aesthetic.”

She also used textile material distributed from Goodwill Outlet Store, as well as USAgain, to create three signature designs.

Check out the photo gallery below.

(Photo credit: Mary Butkus)



Sorento Elementary School turns textile recycling into family affair

Recycling textiles turned into a family affair this spring in the small town of Sorento, Ill.

Students, teachers, parents, grandparents and community members joined together to recycle  textiles for the Bags for Bucks event at Sorento Elementary School located at 510 S. Main St. The school participated in Bags for Bucks fundraising program sponsored by USAgain, a for-profit textile recycling company.

“We have recycled soda cans, this and that, but nothing like this,” said Principal Bill Carpenter.  “To take your clothes and return it to have it recycled in the world, that gives everybody a good feeling.”

Sorento Elementary School, part of Bond County School District, has 190 students in a town of 600 people.

Flyers were sent home with students, posted at convenience stores and at a neighborhood post office encouraging the recycling of surplus clothing and shoes. USAgain distributed bags and the joint effort collected over 1,450 pounds of textiles.

“Recycling is as important as anything,” Principal Carpenter continued, confirming that the students were as excited as the rest of the town. “This allowed people to clean out their closets, knowing it was for a good cause. Lots of community members dropped off bags and clothes. We’re a very small town with a big heart.”

The clothes that were collected from Sorento Elementary School resulted in huge environmental benefits. It helped prevent emission of 10,150 pounds of CO2 into the atmosphere and saved over two million gallons of water. 

USAgain collects 2,000 pounds of clothing at St. Louis Earth Day Festival

ST. LOUIS, MO. – USAgain is proud to have offered a textile recycling option during the Recycling Extravaganza at the St. Louis Community College on Sun., April 27. USAgain was able to collect 2,000 pounds of clothes and shoes, which will be given a second life through reuse or recycling, as part of the St. Louis Earth Day Festival at Muny Grounds in Forest Park happening the same day.

Similar to last year, the St. Louis Earth Day Festival drew a large crowd of eco-minded businesses and community members. USAgain sponsored the Main Stage events, which included guest speaker Honorable Mayor Francis G. Slay during the opening ceremony. This was USAgain’s second year sponsoring the festival.

“The Festival is educational and entertaining for all ages, and is directly aligned with USAgain’s mission of benefiting people and the planet,” said Thomas Jacquin, USAgain Division Manager for the St. Louis branch.

There were booths of entertainment and opportunities to learn about sustainable products and services from local businesses. Visitors met local nonprofits to share their mission for Earth Day. Attendees participated in a surplus of hands-on educational activities, including observing ecosystem models, participating in role-playing games or creating something beautiful things with “trash.”

“We appreciate the ongoing support of companies like USAgain who share the mission and values of St. Louis Earth Day,” said Cassandra P. Hage, Executive Director for St. Louis Earth Day. “Through this support, our organization is able to provide a high quality, free event for St. Louisians that celebrates and encourages the advancement of environmental and social sustainability across the region.”

The All Species Parade started the day’s event, led by the Joia World Percussion Ensemble. Both adults and children participated in group yoga, face painting and henna, and made masks for the All Species Parade.

Other highlighted events included Laclede Gas and Better Life teaming up to perform dog-washing demonstrations with a natural gas-powered instant hot water heater and pooch-friendly shampoos to bathe 12 lucky dogs.

Check out the excitement from the event in the photos below.

For recycling information specific to USAgain’s national divisions, visit


About USAgain

USAgain – a leader in the textile recycling – is a for-profit company that recycles and resells clothing, and other textiles. Its mission is to provide communities with a convenient and eco-friendly option to rid themselves of unwanted clothing and shoes, which is diverted from landfills. Recognized by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating, USAgain maintains more than 14,000 collection bins in 18 states.

Textile Recycling to Support the DeSoto Community Center

We’re partnering with DeSoto, MO to recycle textiles in support of the town’s community center!


Event Details:

WHAT: Clean out your closet and recycle surplus clothing, shoes and accessories to support the DeSoto Community Center

WHEN: Monday, February 17th thru Friday, February 21st, 2014

WHERE: Drop off recyclabes (listed below) in the brown boxes located just inside the parking lot entrance to the community center building, located at 400 Boyd St, De Soto, MO 63020

WHY: To keep reusable clothing out of landfills and raise funds for the Desoto Community Center!

USAgain recognized by Habitat for Humanity Saint Louis

USAgain’s St. Louis division had the pleasure to parter with Habitat for Humanity Saint Louis in 2013 by providing trees to be planted at 12 homes. The trees will serve to beautify neighborhoods for years to come and reduce summertime energy costs.

guys with tree

To commemorate the tree donation, Habitat for Humanity Saint Louis was kind enough to present USAgain with a build sponsor plaque. Our team appreciates being able to give back to needy folks in St. Louis by working with Habitat for Humanity!


Learn more about Habitat for Humanity at

St. Clare School wins 4th prize in America Recycles Day Challenge

ST. LOUIS, MO- USAgain, the textile recycling company locally based in St. Louis, is proud to announce that St. Clare School in O’Fallon, IL has won 4th prize in its America Recycles Day Challenge.

America Recycles Day Challenge is USAgain’s recycling competition for schools across the U.S. Participating schools collected textiles throughout the month of November in a USAgain recycling bin located on school grounds. St. Clare School recycled an impressive 2,413 pounds of clothing and textiles, earning them a $250 prize. This is the third time St. Clare School as won a USAgain recycling challenge, so they are no stranger to excellence in recycling.


“St. Clare School did a great job heeding the call of textile recycling,” said Mattias Wallander, CEO of USAgain. “Their commitment to recycling is a great example for the community. We’re pleased to award them fourth prize and look forward to a bright future of recycling at the school, and we commend them for winning their third recycling challenge.”

In total, over 600 schools across the U.S. participated in the 7th annual America Recycles Day Challenge, recycling a total of 198,545 pounds of clothing, shoes and other textiles. This a truly significant amount of materials recycled, as it represents over 1.3 million pounds of climate-changing CO2 saved from entering the atmosphere.

“Recycling clothing is not only good for the environment, but it also allows affordable clothing to people who need it,” said Milissa Faust, principal at St. Clare. “Our school takes pride in our recycling initiative and we’re happy to be recognized by USAgain.”

Other winning schools include Amador Valley High School in Pleasanton, CA, Gwen T. Jackson Elementary School in Milwaukee, WI, Aurora Quest School in Aurora, CO and Brentwood Academy in East Palo Alto, CA. All participating schools gained valuable firsthand experience with textile recycling and did their communities a service by keeping waste out of landfills.


About USAgain

USAgain – a leader in the textile recycling industry with corporate headquarters in West Chicago, IL. – is a for-profit company that recycles and resells reusable clothing and other textiles. Its mission is to provide consumers with a convenient and eco-friendly option to rid themselves of surplus clothing, which is diverted from landfills. In 2012, USAgain was awarded an “A” rating by the Better Business Bureau. It maintains more than 12,000 bins in 18 states.