Models show off second-hand designs at 85th Annual Fashion Design Show

Models strutted their stuff at the 85th Annual Fashion Design Show but with a spin on the outfits – repurposed fabrics distributed from USAgain.

On Sun., May 4, at Washington University in St. Louis, Mo., Madeleine Docherty used her experience in Guatemala as inspiration for the recent fashion show in 560 Music Center Ballroom Theater at 560 Trinity Avenue in the Delmar Loop.

Docherty, who interned at Mercado Global for two months, studied textiles and socially responsible fashion as the recipient of a grant from WUSTL’s Office of Undergraduate Research.

During her time at Mercado Global, she also completed an apprenticeship with a local weaver in San Juan La Laguna, learning the basics of traditional Guatemalan weaving.

“I discovered that many Guatemalan women, despite the opportunity to join more global mainstream society, continue to keep their culture’s traditions, such as weaving,” said Docherty. “They are persistent in maintaining what they believe in despite the odds. Thus, they inspired me to stick to what I have come to believe in: sustainable fashion. Additionally, I was compelled to celebrate the persistence of these women by including elements of their traditional designs into my own modern design aesthetic.”

She also used textile material distributed from Goodwill Outlet Store, as well as USAgain, to create three signature designs.

Check out the photo gallery below.

(Photo credit: Mary Butkus)



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