Fontbonne University students visit USAgain to learn about textile recycling














USAgain’s St. Louis division was pleased to host fashion merchandising students of Fontbonne University, for a visit of facilities and presentation covering textile recycling.  Fashion merchandising students study apparel industry trends, marketing, and product development such as the variety of fibers and the differences between knits and wovens.

As professionals in the industry steadily join the part of the economy comprised of eco-centric business practices, these students looked to USAgain seeking hands-on understanding of consumers’ wants and needs in the secondary clothing industry, and to gain knowledge of current recycling methods to better forecast future demands and trends.

The majority of students arrived at USAgain with limited knowledge of the negative environmental impacts of textile manufacturing and waste.  For many, the presentation offered a first exposure to the impeding issues altogether on the topics.  Students came well-prepared with dozens of questions and left inspired with an increased desire to advocate and promote textile recycling in their communities.

“They all expressed how interesting the tour was and wondered how we can educate the rest of the population about textile recycling,” Said Amy Meyers, Fashion Merchandising Instructor of Fontbonne University. “Overall, learning about recycling textiles will and has changed their views on the fashion industry.”

Like USAgain, the students recognized the importance of seeking increased opportunity to collect textiles for reuse and recycling.  Additional opportunities for textile recycling will lead to better waste diversion and promote growth for greener business practices in the apparel industries.  USAgain is a for-profit company that recycles and resells reusable clothing and other textiles.  Its mission is to provide consumers with a convenient and eco-friendly option to rid themselves of excess clothing, which is diverted from landfills.

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